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geoScripta was created to provide specialized services in the area of topography. It is based in Athens and provides engineering services to individuals and companies across the country. We are active in a wide range of studies and projects, with emphasis on geoinformatics and land registry applications. Our goal is to offer high quality and reliable services in combination with Our latest technology equipment. We have experience and expertise in implementing topographic charts and basemaps, digital terrain models and orthophotos.

We undertake with responsibility and reliability the completion and the electronic submission of Cadastral Property Declarations and the accurate identification of properties, the completion and the submission of objections during the period of posting of the preliminary cadastral basemaps, as well as the submission of forest map objections. We have experience and know-how in remote sensing and photogrammetry applications and in the environmental licensing of small and large projects. Finally, we provide comprehensive services in the field of mining technology as well as in the field of geographic information systems (GIS and WebGIS).

Remote Sensing


Below are some of the services we offer.
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Topographic Studies

<p align=left>Topographic and Surveying services with state of the art equipment (GPS-GNSS, Total Station, Laser Scanner) for the production of highly accurate Topographic charts and Basemaps according to relevant technical specifications.</p>

Land Registry Declarations

<p align=left>Completion of Property Declarations for the National Land Registry in the under cadastre
regions of the country, collection of the necessary documents, completion and electronics
submission of the declaration and exact location of the property using GPS. Elaboration
objections to cadastral declarations, drawing up diagrams of geometric changes and
forest map objections.</p>

Digital Photogrammetry

<p align=left>Implementation of highly accurate Photogrammetric charts ,  Digital Terrain Models (DTM), photorealistic 3D models suitable for AR / VR applications and digital Dynamic Basemaps.</p>

Mining Studies Implementation

<p align=left>Integrated services in the field of mining technology are provided. With the
use of state-of-the-art technologies such as laser sensors and Unmanned Aerial
Vehicles (UAV) collecting the required information, for the
exploitation, management and environmental reclamation of the site with zero
obstruction of the mining process.</p>

GIS - WebGIS Applications

<p align=left>Digitization-vectorization and georeferencing of geospatial data, diagrams and maps, cartographic imaging works (creation or updating of maps and dynamic maps), preparation of geoinformatics and GIS studies (finding the best location for spatialization / mapping of works, creation of works Soil) and WebGIS studies (development of internet geoinformatics applications) using state-of-the-art technologies.</p>

BIM Models

<p align=left> 
Creation of three-dimensional building information models (BIM), which include in a single digital model the physical and functional characteristics of a building-construction, a useful tool both in the design phase and in the construction and maintenance of a building.</p>

Environmental Studies

<p align=left>Preliminary Environmental Impact Studies (EIA), Environmental Impact Studies (EIA), AEPO Modification / Renewal Studies, Strategic Environmental Impact Studies (Non-EIA)</p>

Remote Sensing

<p align=left>Elaboration of photo-interpretation and remote sensing studies using satellite images and aerial photographs, to provide information related to the observation and periodic monitoring of the environment and natural phenomena and disasters.</p>


We are responsible for carrying out technical studies and applications responsibly, offering competitive prices. Contact us!

Panepistimiou 39, 105 64, Athens
Tel: +30 210 3220835
Mob: +30 698 745 0315
Email: info@geoscripta.gr